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Just two years ago I had never painted a picture and would have told you that I was not capable of painting anything worth keeping.  Today my home is filled with a collection of art and is like a gallery of my own paintings.  What happened? 
My 90 year old mother was an artist and she and I went to take a class with Bonny together.  After my first class at Bonny's I was hooked completely!  Bonny made me feel safe in expressing my own style, and yet offered suggestions as needed.  For example I had no idea what kind of paint, brush or canvas when I started. 
In class I get inspired by all the talented students, and we all share the joy and struggles of being artists.  Bonny sets up the room perfectly for each student before they arrive and then encourages us and supports each challenge that we encounter during class.  Her talent with art is amazing, but she is an equally good teacher, and very funny too.  Bonny is a women of many talents and to be able to join her and all the folks in her precious studio has been a gift of a life time for me.  I would rather paint than almost anything in my life, and I thank Bonny for sweetly leading me to my well hidden talents as an artist.  Thanks Bonny,
Alice Redding
I have long had this idea that I would enjoy painting, but had never tried it. When circumstances were such in my life that I had the opportunity, I searched around for a local artist who gave lessons. I am so very grateful to have found Bonny; she has shown me what is possible, and enhanced my life in many ways. Bonny is not only a talented and successful artist, but truly has a gift for teaching others. Her guidance, direction and instruction are outstanding. Her ability to share her deep knowledge and vision, and do so in a variety of ways, simply remarkable. The workshops and special events expose students to new mediums and are always innovative and so inspiring. The Life Drawing classes are a great too, and with Bonny's demonstrations and direction, offer yet another way to grow. I just can't say enough about the Bonny Studio and the blessing is has been to my life.
Debbie Rank
I have taken painting lessons in different studios in the Dallas area. The Bonny Studio is my favorite. Bonny is an excellent teacher and has a way of imparting her wealth of knowledge while empowering her students to access that talent that is hidden in all of us. While taking lessons at the studio, I have learned so much about the basics of painting, composition, the use of color, and different techniques. Probably the most important thing I have learned is what type of painting inspires me and what is calling to be painted in my life right now. I attended her retreat in May, 2008 and found the experience full and revealing. In the 2 days at the retreat, I found a new freedom in relation to my work that wasn't present before. I would recommend the retreat to everyone who is interested in breaking through to the next level in their painting.
Annette Anderson
Before I started classes with Bonny I was never pleased with my painting, it was just not right. Bonny has a way of taking your talent and building on what you have. She doesn’t impose her style on your work. Bonny works by suggesting and recommending, she encourages you to create your own style. Correct technique as with anything is critical. Bonny teaches you how to build a painting the correct way, starting with background and working forward, realizing that nothing is just one color or tone to give your art a three dimensional feel of life and texture. Bonny doesn’t push you into something but guides you along the way to your potential.
Ron L. Price
Bonny Leibowitz is my art instructor and has been for a year now. She has transformed my life and renewed my self-esteem as an artist. I highly recommend her for an art teacher of all ages. I have seen remarkable growth in my artistic skills as well as my fellow students. Not only have my skills developed, so has my confidence of realizing the artist within. I admire Bonny's artistic skills and have watched her art develop into different levels. She goes outside the box in self-development.She is an incredible artist. If you are looking to opening the door to creativity in your life, Bonny is just the teacher to bring that capability out of the depths of your soul.
Learning and painting at the Bonny Studio is so exciting. It reminds me of being in Kindergarten: Anything is possible. Everything has the potential to seem fresh, fun and on the way to somewhere fabulous. Bonny can always find an encouraging word (or ten). I'd worked in other media before -- but was a total beginner with oil paint. She has such a depth of experience that she easily "translates" techniques from other media, and can help one morph from one style to another. She also has the courage to be quiet and let you figure out things on your own if that's how you work. My painting style is still unpredictable(!), but every canvas is more artistic and painterly than the last.
Dana S. Whitney
For those interested in exploring their creative spirituality, to bond with like-minded individuals, to understand the attraction of the muse, and just plain paint, and learn to paint well, then this is the place...I would wholehearted recommend Bonny's classes as a way to grow both as an artist and as a human being.
Deborah Hobbs
I've had a desire to take up oil painting for quite some time, the dilemma was finding the right location, with the right schedule, and the right teacher. On New Year's day a friend sent me an email about the Bonny Art Studio--it was like a feather floating down and landing in my lap. Bonny Leibowitz is a great mentor, and now a trusted friend. She is an accomplished artist, loves what she does, and loves sharing it. Her style of teaching is relaxed, letting you choose what you want to learn and experiment with. There are many class schedules to choose from, making the Bonny Art Studio a great choice for those who need a flexible schedule--like me!  And the location is very convenient--just two blocks west of highway 75 in Richardson.
Since painting at the Bonny Art Studio I have a renewed passion for art. I've had an opportunity to learn various techniques and develop a style of my own. I've also had the privilege of meeting a lot of great people at the studio that make classes fun, sharing experiences and ideas.
Allan Wood
For more years than I can remember, I had always harbored a secret desire to learn how to paint. However, for various reasons (time, money, shyness), I never quite got around to it. The opportunity finally presented itself when I recently relocated from New York City to Texas. I was looking for something to do during my free time and came upon the Bonny Studio website. I then called Bonny, who successfully eliminated my insecurities about being a beginner…and as they say, “the rest is history!” The Bonny Studio has students ranging from the complete novice to the gifted, and yet everyone is extremely supportive of one another. The students are genuinely excited to see one another’s work – and even more importantly, their progress! Most impressive, however, is Bonny’s ability to bring out the best in her students – regardless of their skill level or preferred painting style. Her masterful and nurturing instruction enables students of all levels to create works that they never would have dreamed possible (myself included!!!) In fact, after completing my very first painting, all my family and friends began requesting that I paint something for each of them – who knew! Taking this class has literally changed my life, as well as my relationship with art and the discovery of my own creativity. Thank you, Bonny!!! 
Jessica Ortiz
Although I own my own art gallery, I've always been nervous about painting myself. Bonny has been very encouraging, and helpful in overcoming my fear. Just observing others in the class, has also given me confidence and ideas.
Perry Berns
Bonny is a painting and drawing coach. I observe Bonny assess each new student, as she did with me, and guides each of us through a series of challenges that builds our confidence and our skills. Bonny encourages each of us to select class times that are convenient to our schedule and in which we can relate to the other students. Students range from first timers to highly successful artists that continue to study with Bonny.
Joe "Papa Joe" Marchant
P.S. When I was seeking a painting instructor, our local art supply dealer volunteered that he only received compliments from Bonny's students and assured me that was unique to Bonny.
I am amazed and delighted by the talent I see in class and through the email photos sent of work from other classes. Bonny has a unique way of encouraging "budding" artists to express their true talents on their canvases.
Lynn Halliday
I have just been with Bonny for 3 weeks and have finished a great painting. Without her help and knowledge my Turner-esk picture would not be what it is. I am impressed with the classes, even in such a short span of time. Bonny is very helpful and thoughful. There are usually at least four of us in class and no one is neglected. We all have fun! I can't wait for each Wed to come!! Big kudos for Bonnyfinearts!.
Laura Kay
For those interested in exploring their creative spirituality, to bond with like-minded individuals, to understand the attraction of the muse, and just plain paint, and learn to paint well, then this is the place...I would wholehearted recommend Bonny's classes as a way to grow both as an artist and as a human being. Deborah Hobbs Wow ...I'll testify..."Come to Bonny children, come to Bonny" Bonny's has an uncanny way of restoring sight to the blind and helping the cripple man walk .....I've been to the mountaintop and I've seen improvement in my paintings! Receiving positive feedback while becoming acquainted with other people through their art is wonderful. Bonnyfine art "Esprit de corps" the air... whistling through the brushes. Bonny say's " open ses-a-me" and the door creaks open.  PS Hope you love the savior overtones!
Mandy Sicking
My journey started a year ago at the Bonny Studio. . and it has been a wonderful year chuck full of so many opportunities, including oil painting! Bonny is a very gifted teacher and adds so many different enriching events into studio life.. One day you might get an email about a wonderful retreat coming up that is all about self growth. Another day there may be a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Still another, a special night on which you can learn about different art techniques. I have made so many friendships that go beyond and outside the studio and look forward to continuing my artistic journey at the "Bonny Studio"..... just love it..
Melissa Murray
I am a “newbie” at painting and have found Bonny to be both the catalyst and “safety net” I needed to get started and keep going. I love the Studio and the relaxed atmosphere that Bonny has created by warmly embracing artists of all different levels and styles. If you want to give your right brain a good workout or propel your artist abilities forward, I would highly recommend joining Bonny (and the rest of us) at The Bonny Studio! Hope to see you soon!!
Suzanne Maxwell
Prior to five months ago I had not picked up a paintbrush. My interest in painting ignited over the last couple years while visiting various local galleries. When I started at the Bonny Studio my knowledge was minimum and Bonny first helped me learn the basics – “you have to walk before you can run.” Her classes are casual with a very laidback atmosphere and everyone works at their individual skill level. The studio environment is more like friends meeting to create together rather than a painting class. Bonny allows you to create you own vision while also giving you guidance to help you and your artwork reach its potential.
Ralph Soto
Bonny's classes are a real joy and high point of my weeks!  She has such nice students and the atmosphere is open and we kid around some...  Bonny can help you with just about anything in your paintings.  So, when you feel you're stumped, she can get you beyond that feeling!  Painting with Bonny and the other students is fun, relaxing and mind expanding!  Bonny has given me alot more confidence in painting and trying new things!
Heidi Sulak

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